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A patch panel is full of plugs

Issuing time:2018-04-28 18:11

It is understood that the 65-year-old Huang Daye lived in Nanchang Road, Suichang. At 9:45 on August 3, a patch panel on the window sill of Huang’s grandfather’s window made a harsh sound of “噼里啪啦”, and suddenly the smoke in the house was filled with smoke. .

After the fire broke out in Huang’s home, the neighbor immediately reported the police. The public security and firefighters immediately rushed to the scene and found that Huang Daye’s home patch panel was still “squeaky”. The black smoke inside the house was smoky and the smell was pungent. At this time, the short-circuited patch panel had been burnt. The rescuers immediately cut off the power supply in their homes and eliminated hidden dangers in time.

Initial investigations by rescuers revealed that the plug-in board was plugged into various types of plugs such as battery chargers, refrigerators, and mahjong machines. These high-powered electrical appliances were overloaded with power supplies, which caused short-circuiting of the patch panels.

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